Lulu / 27 Feb, 2019

I was watching one of my friends live videos on Instagram the other night. She usually has these “after dark” talks about topics that are 18+ related, and for the first time, I was up late enough to catch one. Without getting into too much detail about what she was talking about seeing as though these aren’t the hours, I will just say what I left the conversation with, and that is how important the power of the tongue is. Now this isn’t anything new, the Bible speaks a lot on this, that basically life and death is in the…

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Gugu / 20 Feb, 2019

How many of us are feeling like the year has already gotten ahead of us? Listen, as I type this, it is 17 February and I already feel like I have lost all the hope and confidence I had at the beginning of the year for the great and wonderful things that were going to be for me. Yes, I am zapped, emotionally and spiritually. And if you feel like this is going to depress you, I give you permission to tap out at this point. Ok, toodles.  And if you’re still with me, then OK – let me break…

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Lulu / 13 Feb, 2019

I have to admit, for the longest time I have kinda had a problem with this whole self-love thing. Before we get lost in translation, let me explain: everybody should absolutely, without fail love themselves, it is beyond necessary, especially in the world we live in today. There is so much going on that we always push ourselves to the bottom of our priority list. Speaking as a woman (and this was mentioned in one of our August womanhood series posts last year) most of us have this superwoman syndrome, we always feel like we have people and things to…

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Gugu / 6 Feb, 2019

So…I have a confession to make. I have unforgiveness in my heart. Eeeeeeek! OK, pause: I really don’t know how I feel about how much one bares their soul with each of one’s pieces. Because I mean, hey…unforgiveness is a pretty big thing. It’s a big thing soul-wise to have so much yuck stuck (see what I did there, hahaha) in your heart. But, OK. It is what it is, LOL. Don’t judge me. So back to that unforgiveness. Unforgiveness is one of the heaviest weights we can carry. It stings. Often, it also stinks. It poisons us and it…

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Lulu / 30 Jan, 2019

For the past couple of years I’ve been trying to live a more minimalist life, but I have to admit, I’ve been failing quite dismally at it. Well… when I say minimalist I do mean it in every sense of the word, where I basically remove things that aren’t truly important from my life so I can focus on the things that increase my joy. I decided to lean towards minimalism because I had come to a point (about four years ago) where I felt like I was carrying too much. I felt like I was being weighed down by a…

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Gugu / 23 Jan, 2019

Aaaaaand we’re back!!!!! A happy, prosperous and fulfilling 2019 to you all! May peace and joy abound in your lives and may the Lord keep and provide for you in all areas. How were the holidays? I trust that there was a lot of joy, laughter, peace and togetherness for all. Holidays are synonymous with family and I do hope that all our readers were able to spend GOOD TIMES with either blood or chosen family. Thankfully, I got to do both! But more on that later. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my December 2018, shem! And I…

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Lulu / 17 Jan, 2019

I would first like to apologize for how late this post was uploaded, without going in to too much detail, I will just say: I live in Zimbabwe. And if you’ve seen, heard, smelt what’s been happening around these parts lately you know exactly what those four words mean, and you know that for awhile there we had absolutely no access to the internet. To top it off I also didn’t have electricity for close to 5 days. So you can imagine, no electricity plus an internet shutdown makes for a very hard posting of a blog. But I’m here.…

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Gugu / 19 Dec, 2018

You know it’s been a long year when you have absolutely no idea what to write about for Logosophical anymore. I mean, the fatigue and lack of ideas set in around September tbh. Lulu and I started mentioning to each other how we were both ‘written-out’, and I’d desperately text her asking for ideas, to which she’d respond about her own blankness and seeming empty ‘tank’. Despite that, I must say that personally, I am proud of the posts I’ve written even in that time. They’ve been reflective of the marked journey of growth I have been on in 2018.…

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Thank You, Next

Lulu / 12 Dec, 2018

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of another year. Last I checked we were in April, now all of a sudden Christmas decorations are going up everywhere. It makes no sense. Where did all the other months go? Not that I’m complaining, I’m kinda glad this year is coming to an end. It hasn’t been the worst year by any means but, I think somebody left it outside a little too long and now it’s getting eaten by termites. Things just seem to be getting worse as the months go by and I think we’re…

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Gugu / 5 Dec, 2018

I recently watched a Red Table Talk (RTT) episode featuring Toni The Living Legend Braxton (shout-out to her sis Tamar Braxton for that moniker) where she spoke about her divorce; the process and the lessons learnt. I’ve heard Toni speak about her divorce before and she’s always said that she hated being divorced. As a lover of love, she hated the fact that her marriage hadn’t worked. Her parents are divorced and had what one would call an acrimonious split (You’d have to not only listen to or read Toni relay the events of their divorce but also catch up…

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