Lulu / 10 Oct, 2018

Hello, hello! We’re back with PT. 2 of our podcast series where we look back on the journey we’ve taken thus far on Logosophical. Thank you all so much for the wonderful responses you’ve given us to last week’s installment. If I’m being honest, we only did it podcast style because we were so lazy to write. After 5 months of writing we were tired and thought we could cut corners by talking instead🙈 – so to find that you guys like our corner cutting ways is amazing, LOL! No but seriously, we are truly grateful for your kind words…

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The Journey Thus Far

Lulu / 3 Oct, 2018

Hi guys Welcome back to a new new month on Logosophical! October!!! And it’s going to be a little different for us (and you all too, kikiki). Instead of the usual writing you receive from us, we’ll be sharing and putting up a weekly podcast (every Wednesday as per uzh🤷🏽‍♀️) for you all to tune in to! Yaaaaaay! We are so excited for this one. Logosophical is 5 months old, and the opportunity recently arose for us to cast back on our journey thus far and just shed light and insight on our thinking & feeling, then and now, on…

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Lulu / 5 Sep, 2018

You know the feeling of wanting so badly to go on vacation, finally getting to go, and then after awhile realising you actually miss home? Yeah, that never really happens to me either I won’t lie, and I think its because I never go on holidays for long enough. I’m a 10 day max vacation kind of girl and it always feels just right. Anything more than that and I feel like I’ll have to start looking for a job. But anyway, this time something strange happened. I’ve been gone from the blog a little over a month, and it’s…

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The Power of Sisterhood

Lulu / 29 Aug, 2018

By REBECCA KANOERERA MUNYUKI Sisterhood can be a complex and yet fulfilling relationship in a woman’s life. Some women have biological or adopted sisters and then some have friendships that develop into sisterhood. Yes, we women have unique gifts, talents, wisdom and a wealth of experiences which when we put to positive use, can unite ourselves with other women and form close bonds that have the power to build a formidable sisterhood. I myself grew up with two sisters, Linda and Janet, and we enjoyed our bond of sisterhood. We celebrated our different achievements and also comforted one another during low or sad times.…

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The Throes of Womanhood

Lulu / 22 Aug, 2018

By RUMBIDZAI MANJENGWA Khensani. This is the name of a 23 year old girl whose death has become a statement that rape is not something we can sweep under the rug anymore. Her death shows that it is not okay to pat victims on the back with words that we vaguely hope can bring healing or that leave them with the feeling to just “endure life” and pretend that the violation they experienced is just an unfortunate circumstance. Khensani showed the world that you could have it all and have all the stars aligned in your favour, and yet some…

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Millennial Mummy

Lulu / 15 Aug, 2018

By TAPUWA MAZVIMAI “I want it all, half was never the agreement.”  But is half all we can get in today’s society?   In a world of glass ceilings, #goals, the self-imposed pressure to succeed, and the varied online/offline personalities we come across today; the unspoken assumption I had when I became a mother; a single mother at that, was I’m not enough. My journey to motherhood was challenging to say the least, and it gave room to me questioning my essence as a woman. No matter how much fun I made it look like I was having on the…

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What Is On The Other Side?

Lulu / 18 Jul, 2018

I have a problem. I fear failure. I know, who doesn’t right? Who truly gets excited at the thought of failing, — and honestly, knowing this allows me to at least give myself some solace that I am not alone. But, unlike team fear motivates me; — the team that feels fear and does it anyway, I belong to the flight club. The team that flees at the first sign of fear. And if I’m being honest, this is just how I’ve been most of my life. Afraid that anything I do will always be less than, or that nobody is going to…

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The Not So Six Step Plan

Lulu / 4 Jul, 2018

I can’t be quite sure, because I’m not actually quite there yet, but there’s something about turning the big three-oh that starts to make people think they don’t have their life figured out. No matter how figured out their life could actually be, as soon as they turn 30, that ceases to be true and they suddenly don’t have anything figured out at all. Again, I can’t be sure, I’m 29. The struggle does not belong to me yet. But in about 107 days it might, and I’m concerned because it seems like it’s an automatic switch too. One minute people…

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“A Book Is An iPad That Doesn’t Work”

Lulu / 20 Jun, 2018

This is going to be really hard for to me to admit but since the beginning of this year I’ve only read ONE book. One. And it’s really not for lack of trying. I’ve picked up plenty books with the intention to read them in a day, in a week, in max 3 weeks – but with just one book of the plenty ticked off, it’s obviously not going so well. And this, Is. A. Crisis. Simply because this is not who I am. I used to read all the time, to the point my dad once got frustrated at…

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A Letter To My Younger Self

Lulu / 6 Jun, 2018

Hi you, It’s me, and I am you. Weird, I know. You probably don’t recognise me with all this weight I’ve put on, but I really am you, and sigh, we are working on that other bit. About that though, maybe stop eating a lot of fries? Okay that’s bad advice. I’m clearly starting this off really bad. I take that back, don’t do that – eat fries baby, EAT. FRIES. Because confession: as I write this I’m sipping on some hot water and lemon and planning an all vegetable dinner because I’m “trying” to diet. Yeah, we do that…

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