Lulu / 17 Jan, 2020

I know its a couple of weeks late, but Happy New Year friends! I trust that you all had an enjoyable end to 2019 and start to 2020? Here is hoping that for each and everyone of you, this year will be the best one yet! That for you 2020 will be the year to mark all years, the year God does not stop showing off with you, and the year that there will be no drought when it comes to His blessings in your life and the lives of those you love. I know for sure that is something…

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Lulu / 27 Nov, 2019

So I know it’s been quite a drrryyyyy desert on here the past few weeks, and there really is no excuse, just a million apologies. Life has just been happening too quickly and all at once that we kind of just lost the plot a bit over there, but we are still here! And if you will allow us to pick up where we left off, we have another podcast episode for you, one we hope you will enjoy, glean something from, answer questions you might have had or just find interesting. I know when I was thinking about what…

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Lulu / 30 Oct, 2019

If you haven’t already please listen to the first part of this podcast episode, where Gugu and her friend Fungai talk honestly and openly about what it is to grieve and deal with all the emotions that come with it. As a. refresher for those who may not have had a chance to listen yet, Gugu’s friend Fungai sadly lost her mother to cancer in July this year, and we are so thankful that even though it is all still very fresh, she has bravely and generously shared the emotions she has gone through (and is still going through) in…

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Lulu / 23 Oct, 2019

We’re back with another podcast episode this week. I’m excited for this one, but not because the topic of conversation is a particularly fun one, because as you can tell from the title, it’s in fact pretty heavy, but I’m excited because the format this week is a little different. As we mentioned before, some of the podcasts will be brought to you as usual by both Gugu and I sharing on our previous posts, or specific topics of interest to us, but doing so in conversation with other female minds and voices with much to impart. This one is…

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Lulu / 16 Oct, 2019

I just want to start off with a tiny little confession, this blog post may or may not be [read: is] about 80% plagiarised. I’ll explain. The title for starters; as perfect as it is, and you will see why in a moment, I didn’t come up with it myself. I saw a devotion with the same title on the Bible App, and like I said it was so fitting for what I want to talk about today, so I stole it. Then comes the actual content of the blog; here is where Turn It In would absolutely embarrass me.…

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#PODCAST: Journeying Through Forgiveness

Lulu / 25 Sep, 2019

We’re back with another podcast episode! We know these were quite popular last time, and we appreciate you guys for your feedback, support and encouragement of them, which is why we decided to bring them back and more of them this time. So, you can catch us on the airwaves (look at me trying to make us sound fancy) once a month from now on. YAY! To begin, we thought we’d look at one of the most challenging but also raw posts written on the blog this year. A blog written by Gugu on forgiveness/unforgiveness. If you’d like a bit…

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Set Up For A Miracle

Lulu / 18 Sep, 2019

I know I’m not speaking for myself in saying what I’m about to say next, but I will, just for the sake of not putting words in peoples mouths, so here goes: I am and have been waiting for a miracle, for God to move heaven and earth in this one particular situation I’m facing. Now that you’re all like “YES! Me too!” — with your permission I will now speak for us all, because I truly feel like a lot of us today are in the same boat; you know that boat that Jesus and His disciples were in…

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Lulu / 4 Jul, 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimised by over-thinking? Yup, same. In fact, as I write this I have just pulled myself out of my own personal mind gym where I was swinging back and forth on the monkey bars with thoughts that are in all honesty not even close to real and even more so, highly unlikely. And even though I know that, or at least have now told myself that, I still couldn’t quite help myself. I woke up with a nagging thought poking at my mind, and before I knew it, I was having an argument…

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Lulu / 19 Jun, 2019

I’m sure by now those of you who keep up with our blog know us for one thing: being deep, and we love it — we love that this is a space we can do that; a space we can pour out on and ponder life many issues on, and at the same time do a lot of growing and learning when it comes to certain things. I know for one, my topics lately have been those I have learnt through and those I have needed to learn something from because every issue has been one I struggle with in…

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Lulu / 5 Jun, 2019

I actually need your help on this one. Where do we stand with the idea of second chances? It doesn’t really matter where the second chance is applied; be it relationships, experiences or even when it comes to offering yourself one; do you lean to or do you lean against? Personally, I don’t know. Experience has taught me that when it comes to second chances, I should not be a fan. That seeing the best in people and giving them the benefit of the doubt is not always the smartest decision, that when they say “when a person shows you…

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